5 Important Tools of Graphic Design
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What is graphic design? Tools and types of graphic design and Graphic design jobs: 5 important tools of graphic design

If you are interested in becoming a graphic designing, keep reading it to understand or learn the basic information for graphic design. What actually graphic designing is? This article will help you understand better this creative career field.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the combination of the two words graphic and design. Let’s talk about graphic, graphic is visual the imagination, pictures, and art. Involving painting or drawing, line, shape, color, space, and typography are the visual elements that combine to create graphic design. It is the process of visual problem solving and communicating a message. It involves the creative and systematic plan to solve the problem with the images, symbols, and use of the text or words.

Tools of graphic design:

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If you are a graphic designer or want to become a graphic designer, you should know about some different tools (software) that help you to create more creative and productive. Choosing the right set of tools to make your work easier, and amazing. There are some tools for graphic and web design available.

Types of graphic design:

  • Web design:

Web design is the type of graphic design, it involves layout, images, fonts used on a webpage to make its user interface and make it user friendly and easy to use.

  • Advertising design:

For advertising such as ads in newspapers, televisions, magazines, to advertise a product and services it creates visual solutions using graphics and composition.

  • Visual identity graphic design:

In all visual aspects virtual identity involves that represent the brand and convey its message effectively. Visual identity is the brand identity, your target audience relates to your company it helps for your brand.

  • Environmental design:

Environmental design or environmental graphic design or simply (EGD), it is also the kind of graphic design and known as experimental design. It is the process of visual elements used in the environment such as architecture and transportation.

  • Corporate design:

Corporate design is visual identity designing for a brand or a company or an organization e.g. brand logo, a company logo.

  • Book cover design:

Book cover design involves the use of graphic elements to create a book cover; the first thing is that looking attractive readers want to buy a book. It tells the people about it actually. Some people just buy the book because the book cover looks pretty good and beautiful. A book cover design can be the most significant tool for the book’s success.

  • Brochure design:

Brochure design plays an important key role in business promotion by providing about the company’s product and services information. It is a great marketing tool for any business and company.

  • Graphic designing jobs:

There are many jobs are available in the freelance market place for graphic designers. You can apply online and offline as a graphic designer and earn.

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