GITSPK Websites Development Process
May 16, 2020 No Comments Website Design gitspk


After receiving order from clients our team will collect the business processes information from the client.


Upon availability of business processes information, collected from clients our team will plan the website development strategy.


After having the website development strategy our team will design the website as per clients given specification.


In this stage, the design of your website is now under developers to run the codes on it. A web developer will use codes on the site to make it function and run smoothly. It is the most crucial step in development as the graphic design in the previous stage comes to life.


After the development process, now it’s time write the content on your website. Excellent and engaging content is necessary to grab the attention of the people. The content should be modified for the website with headings, subheadings, tags, etc. so that people can find what they are searching.


After that a live website will be handed over the respective client.


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