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What is a web app? Definition and types of Web Application: Advantages and Disadvantages of Web Application 

Web APP (Website Application):

The website application is the web application, it is the application software that runs on the web-server, not such as the computer-based software that locally stored on the device, web app utilizes by the technology to perform tasks over the internet.

Now a day’s, the web application is growing fast, it is the client-server application program that stored on a remote server that uses web browsers and the web technology to perform the specific function on over the internet, The web app uses a combination of server-side script (like PHP and ASP) to handle storage and retrieval of the information.

Examples of Web Apps:    

There are some most common examples:

  • Shopping carts
  • Online forms
  • The File scanning and email programs (Gmail and Yahoo)
  • Google Apps and Microsoft 365 are the popular apps
  • The Google Apps (for works has the Gmail), Google Sheets, Google docs, Google slides, and more

The Advantages of Web Apps:

  • The reduced business costs
  • No need to install (Computers or PCs have the brewers)
  • The quick and easy update
  • The better users experience with the responsive design interface
  • No compatibility issues, all operating system can carry the built-in browser, so the web app can run on the Computers, PCs, Desktops, Mobile Phones, Smartphones, tablets, or other.
  • Do not take up space on the hard disk
  • Allow multiple users access to the same version of the app
  • Can work from anywhere with internet access

The Disadvantages of the Web App:

  • Not internet available 100% always
  • The Security risk
  • To develop, can work longer as they are more complex
  • Slower to run over the internet
  • Interface issue, not often as sophisticated

How the Web App Works actually?

Web apps are usually coding in the browsers supported languages like HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT, to render the program executable these languages rely on the browsers.

The web app requires a server to the requests from the clients, the app server to perform the task requested, and the data-based store the information sometimes. The range of app server technology from ASP, ASP.NET, and ColdFusion, to PHP and JSP, there are some following steps to understand how it works actually?

User:  the user access a web app via a web browser or mobile app triggers the request to a web server over the internet.

Web server: The web server forwards the request to the web application server.

Application Web Server: The web application server sends back to the results of the webserver.

Web Server: The web server delivers requested information or processed data to the client (computer, PCs, desktop, mobile phones, Smartphones, tablets, or others) and then information appears on the user’s display.

What is the client-server?

In the client-server environment, the Client is a host program a person uses to running applications. It is the one in which multiple computers share from the database. It is an application used to access the information.



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