What is freelancing?
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What is freelancing? Freelancer, Freelance Income, Advantages and Disadvantages: The list of most common freelancing jobs or services

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is the contract-based online job that performs by the freelancers, in which they offer their services to clients and earn money online.

It can be a fast and affordable option to get started working as your own boss from the comfort of your home.

Who is the Freelancer?

A freelancer is a person who is a self employee and offers their services to the clients. They usually earn money from charging on hourly, daily, and per-job basis rates for their work. Their work is usually short-term. Freelancers are not traditional company employees but “contracts”

Some of the common types of services needed by the businesses can be provided by the freelancer that includes in:

Freelancing jobs or services:

  • Content writing
  • Web designing
  • Graphics Designing
  • App Development
  • Web Development
  • Copywriting
  • Translating Work
  • Photography
  • The Marketing
  • Project Management
  • The Virtual Assistant
  • Social Media Manager
  • Teaching or Tutoring
  • The Editing.

Freelance Income:

Freelance income generally depends on your skills, your experience, and your targeting market. The generally per hour charging rate of freelancers are 20 to 21 dollars, the skills that require more experience or education like accounting or web development (coding), are pay more generally.

Advantages of Freelancing:

  • You are your own boss: you are your own boss and can work with your schedule because you are not bounded now like 9 to 5 job, you are free to work and complete your task.
  • The flexible work schedule: you can set your own schedule for your work and can work with your productive hours.
  • The choice is yours: as the freelancer, you can choose your client and pick your project as you want with good rates.
  • Whenever you want you can work: you can work from your comfort zone like: from your home, from your coach, from a coffee shop, traveling and others. It is a good portable option for those who would love to work from wherever they want.
  • Get paid what’s your worth and keep all profit: freelancing allows you to set your own services price you can charge with your work worth, and you can also change your rates with gaining experience and as your own boss you can also keep all profit.

Whether it has many advantages and benefits where on the other hand it has some disadvantages also:

Disadvantages of Freelancing:

  • The Fewer Benefits: Many companies offer benefits for their company employees like pension or insurance plans. But in the freelancing, there are no such things as a self employee or freelancer would be responsible for their own benefits and perks.
  • The Lower Stability: lower stability because freelance work depends on reaching enough clients, the many freelancers have less stability and less guaranteed of future work.


As the freelancer you’re responsible for your work and all sorts of things while traditional employees are not responsible.

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