What is Mobile APP?
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What Is Mobile APP? Definition and most important types of application: Why some mobile apps free to use and what about your privacy?












A Mobile APP is a software application or a simple app, it is the type of application that developed special use for on a small wireless devices e.g. smarts phones and tablets rather than a computer, pc, laptop, and desktop.

It often free and we can download it easily, If you have smartphones and other mobile devices you know about the use of the mobile app it is easy to use to play games, watch videos, news, weather, and others.

Download Mobile Apps:

Some mobile apps are paid or are not if you want to buy a paid app you need it to buy online app store, the Android, Apple, Microsoft, and BlackBerry mobile operating system has their online app stores from where you can look to download or install the software.

Why Some Mobile Apps Free To Use:

The question is why some mobile apps are free to use? Why are apps distributing free through the app stores? There are ways to earn money for developers.

Some advertising sell space within the mobile app. The mobile app developers can earn money from the ads, that’s why some developers distribute free apps to reach more users.

Some Mobile apps Basic version is freed; because they hope you will like their mobile apps and upgrade to a paid version with more features to use.

About Your Privacy:

About your privacy, what type of data can apps access? When you download an app or install from the app store, or the individual app, asked about permission to let them access information on your mobile device.

The app may be able to access these types of data:

  • Internet data
  • Call data
  • Calendar data
  • Data of device location
  • The device id

Types of Mobile Applications:

There are some important types of mobile applications.

  • Gaming Apps:

It is the most popular and huge type of mobile application, many people like to play games and download it on their mobile phones like angry birdand candy crush. These types of application are most popular among the developers because of the user’s engagement

  • Entertainment Apps:

These apps allow users to stream video content, watch content online, chats, making calls, sending messages, or social media apps likes Facebook, Instagram YouTube, Netflix, or snapchat.

  • Educational Apps:

This type of mobile application helps the user to gain knowledge and/or skills, and also improve them e.g. language learning apps, food making apps, translation apps, gk books apps, and learning writing skills, these types of applications are most popular among the users. Learning from educational gaming tools is a good way to learn for kids like: learning basic of the alphabets, learning basic vocabulary e.g. colors name, animal name, fruit name, vegetable name, and counting.

  • M-commerce Apps (Mobile Commerce Apps):

Amazon, eBay or OLX,, these are the most popular shopping mobile apps that you heard or see many times. Mobile commerce apps provide customers convenient access to products and easy payment methods.

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