What is software? Definition and types of software:
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What is software? Definition and types of software: Why we do use the software?

What is software?

Computer software or Software is the set of instructions, data, or the programs used to operate computers and execute specific tasks. Unlike hardware, which describes the physical aspects of the computer, it is a generic term used to refer to apps and programs that run on pc, tablet, or mobile phones and other devices.

Everything that runs on the computer, from the operating system to a diagnostic tool, video games or app can be defined as software.

The theory of software was first proposed by Alan Turing in 1935 in his essay, the word of software was coined by the mathematician and statistician John Tukey.

It is typically stored on an external long-term memory device, like a hard drive magnetic diskette. Computers need software to do every simple task, job, without it, computers cannot function or work.

Types of software:

The two main types of software are:

  • System software
  • Application software
  • System software:

 system software is the computer program designed to run the computer’s hardware and application programs. It includes device drives, operating systems, disk formatters, compilers, text editors, and utilities helping the computer to operate more efficiently. It serves as a base of application software.

  • Application software:

Application software is also the type of computer program that performs a specific personal, educational, and business functions. It is a program (or group of programs) designed to end users, e.g. a word processor, an accounting application, a spreadsheet, a web browser, a media player, or a photo editor. People often use this term application software to talk about bundles or groups of individual software applications, using the different term the application program to refer to the individual application.

That is because the word “program” correlates to a discrete, countable single unit, while the word of software is often used to refer to more than one individual program.

Why do we use computer software?

Computer software or software is the need of a computer to run tastes or functions, once the software is installed on a computer hard drive, the program can be used at any time. On the window computer, the program icon is added to the start screen or start menu, depending on the version of the window.


How to you get the software:

The software can be purchased at the retail computer store or online and come in the box containing all the disks (DVD, CD, Floppy diskette or blu-ray), manual and other documentation. The software can be also downloaded to the computer over the internet.

Free software:

There are a lot of free software programs are available.

The freeware: it is the completely free software that never requires payment, as long as it is not modified.

The open-source software: it is similar to the freeware software, not only is the program free but the source code is also available to everyone.

The shareware or the trial software: this is the software that gives you a few days to try the software before you have to buy a program.

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