What is UX design?
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What is UX design? Older approach design: The Four 4 Most Common Misconceptions  

What is UX?

UX or user experience design is the process of designing (digital and/or physical) products that are useful, valuable, accessible, easy, and enjoyable to use and delightful to interact with. it’s all about enhancing the experience that people have while they interacting with the product and make it sure that they find the value in what you are providing them. It is important to understand and focus on the interaction between the users and the everyday product and services like apps, websites, and others. The concept of UX is also used throughout many industries such as software design, app design, website design, and others. It is a deep understanding of users like what they need, what they want, what they value, what their abilities, what their limitations. It is the best practice to promote improving the quality of user interaction with and perceptions of your product and any relative services.

Old approach design:

Old approach design, in the beginning, there was no such profession as the product, or UX designers so if you wanted to do anything close to the design typically you had two options first was the graphic designer. Who was in charge of things such as the making websites and print the material for campaigns, and branding materials for new or regular clients.

The second one was the so-called watermarks, who at that time were superhuman taking care of design, coding, and also solving all server related issues. This distinction worked pretty well at that time.

Misconceptions about the UX design:

UX design is not the UI design:

UX design and UI design are not mutually exclusive; UI generally plays an important role in the work of UX designers. UX is the multi-steps strategic design process that goal is to create a product or website that users are drawn to find easy to use, it is nearly impossible to work on the user experience (UX) without considering the user interface (UI), and vice versa.

UX design is not optional:

It is misguided to think it is an additional and something companies do after the “important stuff” is done just like defining business goals, marketing strategy, product requirement documents, sales, market research. Integrating UX designs into everything the company does is crucial.

User Experience (UX) design is just about the users:

User experience design has to meet business goals and objectives. It starts with the understanding of product vision, Such as the reason for having the product from a business perspective. User design is about giving users a quality experience whilst simultaneously achieving the business goals.

User Experience (UX) design is not expensive:

User Experience design is not expensive, you do not have to go all-out to get a good experience, investing little-by-little can do wonders for the business too. There is a positive relationship between the design and investment, making the continuous investment through the steady on-going process of the improved designs are recommended.


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